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Have fun to the fullest!

Celebrate your birthday or name day in style, surrounded by nature, together with your dearest friends. Whether you are preparing for an anniversary, celebrating an engagement or simply a special dinner with your loved ones, Cernica Events is the place that will turn your much-dreamed party into a memorable experience.

Share with us your dream party and we will make sure that it becomes a reality, whether it is an event in an intimate setting or a large event that will leave an impression for all your guests.


What type of events can you organize at Cernica Events?

Petrecere Privata langa Bucuresti – Cernica Events

Cernica Events
Accessible location

Located at only 11 km from the center of Bucharest, on the shores of Lake Cernica

Cernica Events
In-house catering

Exquisite meals are prepared by our experienced chefs to offer your guests an unforgettable culinary experience

Cernica Events

Beautifully curated patio garden arranged for your event

Private Party near Bucharest – Cernica Events

Have fun to the fullest!