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Embarc your own journey starting with an unforgettable event, by Cernica Lake.

Significant moments in your life deserve to be celebrated in a unique fashion, just like in a fairytale, in the middle of nature. Located in an oasis of peace and surrounded by nature’s wonderful green space, with a breathtaking view of the lake. Cernica Events is the place where significant and treasured moments in your life become a reality and simply memorable. Regardless of your chosen theme to represent your special day, together we will find the most suitable elements, to tailor your ideal event down to the fine details.

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Would you like to organise an event away from Bucharest’s urban noise?

Cernica Events, is positioned between Cernica forest and the lake of Cernica, at just 11 km from the center of Bucharest. The location can only be described as a sight of heaven, offering 9 event venues, a spacious terrace providing natural shade of the surrounding trees and a perfect deck on top of Lake Cernica to organise your marriage ceremony, civil or religious. All 9 event venues offer access on the lakeside deck, view towards the monastery view and access to the well-designed garden. Have you always dreamed of saying “I DO” on the edge of a lake, in a dreamy atmosphere? We offer you a romantic lakeside deck for officiating your marriage ceremony, with a fairytale-like view of Lake Cernica.

9 Event Venues

Capacity: 120 – 280 seated guests

Grace, sophistication, and a panorama of unparalleled grandeur await you at Venue Noblesse. With a seating capacity ranging from 120 to 280 distinguished guests, this venue can accommodate all the cherished individuals in your life. Its pristine white and royal blue decor invokes a sense of tranquillity, imbuing an air of confidence and unwavering stability. Within these resplendent walls, one is beckoned to cast aside the tumult of emotions and savour every moment to its utmost splendour.

Capacity: 70 – 140 seated guests

For those seeking an event suffused with opulence and refinement, the Luxury Venue stands as the quintessential choice for you and your distinguished guests. Its design palette, awash in verdant hues, artfully invokes an atmosphere of serenity and calmness, setting the stage for an exquisite affair. With a rococo-inspired decor resplendent with lavish chandeliers and gilded accents, this venue emerges as the epitome of elegance, tailor-made for gatherings comprising 70 to 140 of the most cherished individuals in your life.

Capacity: 100 – 250 seated guests

Utopia stands as a bewitching venue, designed to graciously host up to 250 seated guests. Adorned with resplendent gold chandeliers and Swarovski crystals, this opulent space boasts the promise of an array of enchanting lighting possibilities. Moreover, it extends the rare privilege of orchestrating your matrimonial ceremony at the lakefront deck, affording a breathtaking vista of the Cernica Monastery.

Capacity: 100 – 250 seated guests

Capturing that carefree boho spirit and a love for nature is all about finding the right place. Surrounded by three walls made of glass, letting in lots of natural light that beautifully shines on the wooden elements, lush greenery, and chic details, Porumbita is a perfect backdrop for your boho chic event, balancing nature and modern style.

Capacity: 80 – 180 seated guests

For those unafraid to shatter convention, we present the resplendent Glamour Venue. With a seating capacity accommodating between 80 and 180 distinguished guests, this venue emerges as an audacious expression of style, characterised by its daring decor featuring vivid crimson accents – the colour of passion and profound sentiment. It showcases exquisite chandeliers, glass tables adorned with non-conformist detailing, and elegant mirrors that conspire to create a unique and captivating visual tableau.

Salon Ballroom - Homepage
Capacity: 80 – 180 seated guests

Predestined for weddings steeped sophistication, the Ballroom venue assures an evening imbued with unparalleled elegance, seamlessly complementing the radiance of your joyful countenances. Revel in the grandeur of our capacious setting, capable of graciously hosting an excess of 180 distinguished guests, adorned with resplendent golden chandeliers and Swarovski crystals that shimmer with enchanting brilliance. Illuminated by an array of architectural lighting, this venue exudes an aura of timeless refinement, making an irrevocable promise of an enchanting celebration that shall linger in the annals of your memories for a lifetime.

Capacity: 40 – 80 seated guests

Conceived for the celebration of a singularly exceptional union, the Arcadia venue offers an unrivaled setting for those who seek to seamlessly weave the joy of their guests and their own cherished moments with the nostalgic allure of the 1960s. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of a fairytale architecture, a vintage treasure harking back to the year 1963, graced with its very own private cobbled terrace, capable of hosting up to 80 esteemed guests.

Capacity: 40 – 80 seated guests

The decor, evoking a romantic vintage charm, perfectly matches the natural surroundings, with a gentle breeze, a lovely lake, and lush greenery that create a unique backdrop for your special occasion. The Ambiance venue is mostly open to the outdoors, offering a stunning panoramic view. It allows you to enjoy the soothing sounds of nature and witness breathtaking sunsets, providing an enchanting atmosphere for your guests to relax and enjoy the festivities.

Cernica Events - Salon Ponton
Lakefront Deck
Capacity: 60 – 150 seated guests

Adorned with an elegant design and a retractable roof that unveils a sweeping panorama of Lake Cernica, this pontoon is a haven, ensuring protection even in the face of unforeseen rain. Enhanced by a commodious and exquisitely adorned terrace, it graciously accommodates from 60 to 150 distinguished seated guests, inclusive of tables and an enclosed dance floor. Opt for this locale to host your matrimonial ceremony, wedding reception, christening celebration, or corporate soiree, basking in the embrace of gentle sunlight, framed by meticulously manicured gardens, ensuring a truly refined ambiance.

We offer a complete, tailored experience of your event!

Tell us about your event, as you envision it…Are you considering an intimate event alongside your dearest few, or are perhaps considering a spectacular large party that will leave an impression?

Together with our team, we will organise the most important day of your life and we will take care of every detail. Every bride dreams of a memorable wedding designed with finesse and style. Our team will help you create a unique and unforgettable event, whether you aim for a traditional or a contemporary event, an elegant feel or a relaxed one.

Cernica Events
In-house catering

Exquisite meals are prepared by our experienced chefs to offer your guests an unforgettable culinary experience

Cernica Events
Accesible Location

Situated at 11 km from the center of Bucharest

Lakefront deck

Organise your marriage ceremony on the dedicated deck infont of Lake Cernica

Cernica Events
200 parking spaces

We offer your guests 200 parking spaces.


Chic benches, lanterns, red or white entry carpet

Cernica Events

Beautifully curated patio garden arranged for your event

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Cernica Events Customer – Attentive staff, professionals, good food, cleanliness, and especially a great place for beautiful photos. I recommend it.

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Cernica Events Customer – Location, ambience, service, organization – absolute quality! I had the privilege of participating in several events here.

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Embarc your own journey starting with an unforgettable event!