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Venue Glamour – Cernica Events


Capacity: 80 – 180 seated guests

For those unafraid to shatter convention, we present the resplendent Glamour Venue. With a seating capacity accommodating between 80 and 180 distinguished guests, this venue emerges as an audacious expression of style, characterised by its daring decor featuring vivid crimson accents – the colour of passion and profound sentiment. It showcases exquisite chandeliers, glass tables adorned with non-conformist detailing, and elegant mirrors that conspire to create a unique and captivating visual tableau.

Venue Glamour is the quintessential choice for aficionados of the natural world who yearn to sway to the melodies of their cherished tunes while ensconced in the enchantment of a garden that evokes the essence of a fairy tale. To complement this striking venue, a dedicated chamber awaits brides and grooms seeking a private sanctuary to add the finishing touches to their wedding day, away from the gaze of their guests. Moreover, it offers respite to the young celebrants who wish to recharge their spirits after a day in the limelight.

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  • Organise your marriage ceremony on the dedicated deck in front of Lake Cernica and in the forest;
  • Beautifully curated patio garden arranged for your event;
  • Lake Cernica ample View;
  • Chic benches, lanterns, white entrance carpet;
  • Exquisite meals are prepared by our experienced chefs;
  • Event planner;
  • Accesible Location, situated at 11 km from the center of Bucharest;
  • Parking: 200 spaces;
  • Decorations;

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Please expect changes to the flooring. The carpet will be replaced with tiles starting with March 2024.

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