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Venue Noblesse – Cernica Events


Capacity: 120 – 280 seated guests

Grace, sophistication, and a panorama of unparalleled grandeur await you at Venue Noblesse. With a seating capacity ranging from 120 to 280 distinguished guests, this venue can accommodate all the cherished individuals in your life. Its pristine white and royal blue decor invokes a sense of tranquillity, imbuing an air of confidence and unwavering stability. Within these resplendent walls, one is beckoned to cast aside the tumult of emotions and savour every moment to its utmost splendour.

The interior is adorned with mirrors that grace the lounge walls, artfully reflecting the gentle caress of the sun’s rays, casting your event in the most favourable light. Should you aspire to exchange vows by the lakeside or wish to partake in an al fresco gathering amidst nature, a pontoon at the entrance stands ready to fulfil your desires. Additionally, for those moments when respite beckons, a dedicated chamber awaits brides for those final touches, and a tranquil haven caters to the little ones who seek rest and solace.

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  • Organise your marriage ceremony on the dedicated deck in front of Lake Cernica and in the forest;
  • Beautifully curated patio garden arranged for your event;
  • Lake Cernica ample View;
  • Chic benches, lanterns, white entrance carpet;
  • Exquisite meals are prepared by our experienced chefs;
  • Event planner;
  • Accesible Location, situated at 11 km from the center of Bucharest;
  • Parking: 200 spaces;
  • Decorations;

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