Lakefront Deck

Lakefront Deck – Cernica Events

Icon-Capacitate Capacity: 40 – 80 seated guests

When dreaming of an outdoor event, where you can feel in perfect harmony with the breeze and the soft ripple of the water, our lakefront deck is the ideal place. Choose to spend magical moments in an instagrammable corner of nature, right on the shores of Lake Cernica. Our lakefront deck is the perfect place for special events and the ideal background for the most successful photo shoots.

With an elegant design and a retractable roof, the lakefront deck offers a panoramic view of Lake Cernica, while providing a backup option in case of an unforeseen rain. Complemented by a spacious, elegantly decorated terrace, it can accommodate between 40 and 80 people, plus the tables and the dance floor. Choose to organise your wedding, christening party or corporate events in a setting touched by the gentle sunlight, right next to a carefully tended green space. And if you want the event to continue indoors, the Utopia venue is just a step away, ready to offer you and your guests a sophisticated and comfortable atmosphere.

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Retractable roof;

Beautifully curated patio garden arranged for your event;

Lake Cernica ample View;

Chic benches, lanterns, white entrance carpet;

Exquisite meals are prepared by our experienced chefs;

Event planner;

Accesible Location, situated at 11 km from the center of Bucharest;


Parking: 200 spaces;

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