5 graduation party theme ideas

5 idei de tematici pentru banchetul de absolvire

5 graduation party theme ideas

When did four years of high school pass? Homework, tests, demanding teachers… You’ve survived all the challenges and it’s time to celebrate your success by dancing until sunrise! If you are one of the people who has a say in the organization of the graduation party, here are some special theme ideas to help you start the preparations:

#1 A night in Hollywood

5 graduation party theme ideas - Movie tickets

We have to admit…no other theme is as spectacular and glamourous as the ‘Hollywood’ one! If you choose it, prepare a décor with stars and golden balloons, include a red carpet and, last but not least, add spotlights that will highlight the dresses and the costumes worn by the VIPs of the evening. Although the paparazzi will not attend the event, you can replace them with a photo booth full of movie props.

Before saying “Action!” and partying with your classmates, make sure the venue has a spacious dance floor and it can be decorated as you wish. If you want a 5-star event, consider the Ballroom Hall, with a capacity of 100-180 seats, decorated with many golden chandeliers and Swarovski crystals.

Don’t forget to organize some activities that match with the theme. As Hollywood is the destination for those who dream of turning their passions into successful careers and become cinema stars, you can prepare a talent contest, with prizes in the form of the famous Oscar statuettes.

#2 Hawaii vacation

5 graduation party theme ideas - Hawaii vacation

Would your classmates prefer a party without bow ties and high heels? Plan a relaxing prom that will teleport you straight to a tropical paradise. The atypical, multicolored, summerish dress code will give you more freedom of movement that you will definitely need at…the limbo and hula hoop contests! Even the classic corsages can be replaced with some exotic bracelets with flowers. The decor will be full of palm trees and tiki torches, and the candy bar will be full of coconuts and pineapple-flavored snacks. Everything can be arranged in the Porumbita Hall, which has up to 250 seats and it is already decorated with natural details. 

#3 Masquerade ball

5 graduation party theme ideas - Masquerade ball

It is hard not to feel nervous on such an important evening, but Venetian masks will give you the chance to hide your nervousness at least a little. Oversized feathers, velvet curtains, gems and fans are just some of the decorations you need to make your party look truly elegant. The specific refinement of a masquerade ball fits perfectly with the Utopia Hall, which is ready to welcome, with spectacular lighting effects, up to 250 future high school graduates, ready to party an entire night. The game “Guess who?” will fit right in with the mysterious theme, so encourage your friends to wear elaborate costumes that will hide their identities.

#4 The best festival

The best festival

Who says you have to wait for the next big concert to have as much fun as there? Create your own festival and play songs mixed by the most famous DJs of the moment! Everything can be organized in the Arcadia Hall, which can successfully host between 50 and 80 party people.

Classic dresses and suits will be replaced by festival outfits, completed with phosphorescent bracelets and make-up full of glitter and face gems. Make sure the lights are in sync with the beat of the music and the smoke machines and the confetti blowers are ready. So much dancing is sure to make you hungry, so don’t forget to include on your “to do” list the preparation of a buffet of snacks you’d find at the coolest food trucks.

When it comes to activities, the answer is simple: prepare a mixing console and start the “Battle of the DJs”! The contestant who gets the most applause will be ‘crowned’ DJ of the year and he or she will receive a pair of headphones for his or her future ‘shows’.

#5 Disco party

Disco party

Did someone say disco balls and colorful lights? You know what that means: It’s time to party like in the ’70s! Recreate the specific vibe of that era with a décor with vinyl records, balloons, neon signs and shiny fringe curtains. If you also plan to rent a photo booth, make sure to include some oversized glasses and some funky wigs among your photo props. Although dancing is on the program all evening, you can also prepare the organization of a contest with the energetic hits of those times. Invite your classmates to show off their best figures right on the dance floor in the Luxury Hall, a space specially designed for the fanciest parties.

Choose a theme you and your classmates like and let the party begin! The decorations, the activities, and the location will help you create special memories that will be fondly remembered even at your ten-year high school reunion.