Which traditions are kept and which are reinterpreted at a modern wedding?

Traditii care se pastreaza sau se reinterpreteaza la nunta

Which traditions are kept and which are reinterpreted at a modern wedding?

Traditional or modern wedding? You decide! You can sprinkle the special event with customs or turn it into a party with unique moments that reflect your personalities. If you still don’t know which traditions to keep or how to adapt the already established ones to your preferences, here are some customs from before, during and after the wedding and how they can be reinterpreted:

# Getting the bride ready

Modern Wedding - # Getting the bride ready

The tradition known in Romania as „Gătitul miresei” takes place in the morning, before going to church, at the bride’s house. Traditionally, the bride must be styled and dressed by her mother, godmother and her best friends. These prepare her for the arrival of the groom. At modern weddings, the bride’s preparation has become a symbolic moment and it is a good opportunity for a photo shoot with the bridesmaids. As a bride, you can get ready at the beauty salon, and the girls will just pretend to style you, in front of the photographer.

# Shaving the groom

Wedding traditions - Shaving the groom

The custom known as „Bărbieritul mirelui” symbolizes the moment when the groom becomes a „grown-up”, it is the transformation of the bachelor into a married man and it is carried out by the godfather or one of the groomsmen. The „shaving of the groom” takes place at the groom’s house at the same time as the bride’s preparation. The groom’s face is covered in shaving cream and shaved with a large knife or even an axe. In the past, this tradition gave the man the chance to show his courage. Today, as a groom, you can replace this moment with a photo session where the groomsmen symbolically help you prepare for the big day.

# Bride’s departure from home

Wedding traditions - Bride’s departure from home

After he has been dressed up, the groom goes first to the godparents, then to the bride’s house. At classic weddings, the bride is “hidden” by the bridesmaids, and the groom can only see her if he “pays a tax” or gives them something in return. If you want to avoid making all these trips, you can spend the day before the wedding at a hotel close to the location where the party will take place. Thus, you can relax before the busy day that awaits you, you can prepare yourself and you can meet your guests directly at the location where the civil ceremony will take place.

# The bridal cake and the traditional dance

If you choose to follow the traditions and meet at the bride’s house, these are the two moments before going to the church, known as “Turta și hora miresei”. After the groom convinces the bridesmaids that he deserves to see his future wife, a traditional bridal cake will be broken above the bride’s head, and pieces of it will be given to the guests. Next comes the bride’s traditional dance, in front of the house or flat, that represents a way of announcing the neighbors about the happy event.

# Departure with the procession to the church

Wedding traditions - Departure with the procession to the church

If in the past the bride and the groom went on foot to the church with their family and guests, at modern weddings they choose all kinds of options, which are more interesting and original: limousines, motorcycles or even chic vintage cars. If you want the guests’ cars to stand out from the rest of the cars in traffic, you can give them decorations that match with the wedding theme.

# Throwing rice in the air

Wedding traditions - Throwing rice in the air

It is said that upon leaving the church, the bride and the groom must be greeted by guests with rice, which brings abundance and fertility. The tradition can be easily reinterpreted using flower petals instead to add a splash of color to the photos or even white doves.

# The first dance

Wedding traditions - Throwing rice in the air

Although the first dance of the newlyweds is classically represented by the waltz, you can choose any dance style that suits you. Even if your favorite song can be considered atypical, adapt it to the event to surprise your guests. You can replace the traditional waltz with a dance performed on a rock and roll song, on Latin rhythms or even on a hip hop song if you know it fits your style better. For a special effect, make a mix of songs. Start with a slow dance, and then continue in a style that no one expects.

# The kidnapping of the bride

Wedding traditions - The first dance

Staged or a total surprise, “the kidnapping of the bride” or “furatul miresei” has transformed over time from a simple tradition into a fun moment that helps the bride, the groom and guests to relax. The “kidnappers” are usually close friends of the couple who secretly take the bride to a club or to a bar to have fun. To make everything more interesting, the “thieves” dress up as characters from series and movies such as knights, terrorists or comic book villains. On the bride’s return, the groom must go through some “trials” to convince those who stole the bride that he deserves to get her back. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Convincing the mother-in-law: The groom must prove to his mother-in-law how well he knows the bride and how much he appreciates her. Of course, if all the nice words are complemented by a few compliments addressed directly to the mother-in-law, she will be convinced that the groom is worthy of his daughter and she will ask the kidnappers to “release” her.
  • The love poem: The groom will declare his love for the bride in rhymes, in front of all the guests. To complicate the situation, thieves can force the groom to use certain keywords, which are not related to marriage.
  • Karaoke: Even if the groom has a golden voice or he can’t sing at all, he will have to perform a song for his loved one. If the kidnappers are impressed or amused, they will immediately return the bride to the groom.


# Tossing the bouquet

Wedding traditions - The kidnapping of the bride

It is said that the lucky lady who manages to catch the bouquet will be the next one to get married. For the brides who want to reinterpret this tradition, we have made a list of the most interesting options you have:

  • The right key: Lock the bouquet in a cage or a box with a lock. Create multiple keys and let the ladies choose one each. Only one key will be the right one, and the girl who finds it and opens the lock will get married next.
  • The lucky ribbon: You can buy several matching ribbons and give each girl one. Only one of the ribbons will be tied to the bouquet, and the rest you will simply hold in your hand, without any noticeable difference. The girls will pull the ribbons at the same time, but only the one who holds the tied ribbon will be able to go home with the bouquet.

# The “after the wedding soup”

Wedding traditions - Tossing the bouquet

Even though you are not feeling nervous anymore and the wedding day moments have moved from the event hall to the memories book, that doesn’t mean the fun is over. The soup, known as “Ciorba de potroace”, served the morning after the wedding is the tradition that invites once again your loved ones to take a sit next to you at the table. Prepared by the mother-in-law, the bride or even by a chef, it helps the guests recover after a night full of dancing.

You can hold it at your home or at a special location, indoors or even outdoors as a picnic, if the weather is good. At Cernica Events, “ciorba de potroace” can be served in the specially arranged garden. We are ready to meet any out-of-the-box idea with customized offers, so that the event turns out exactly as you imagined. The classic soup, necessarily sour, can also be accompanied by a buffet, with dishes prepared by our chefs. To complete the relaxing atmosphere, guests will be able to walk on the Cernica Events pontoon and enjoy the splendid view of the lake.

When it comes to weddings, traditions vary from region to region. Once you’re familiar with all the options you have, it’s up to you what you keep and what you reinterpret. Adapt every moment to the type of wedding you have chosen, to the budget you have allocated and to the type of guests you will have. That way, you will have a balanced event where everyone will feel good.