5 unique wedding favors ideas

5 idei de mărturii de nuntă inedite

Planning a wedding is not just about finding the perfect dress or choosing the ideal groom’s suit. It’s about creating an event that reflects your personalities and encapsulates in every detail all the joy and love you want to share with your guests. The favors are some of those details that show your guests how much you appreciate their presence on the most important day of your life. Symbolic or practical, they will be an eternal reminder of your love story.

In the past, favors were small sweet treats, sometimes even sugar cubes, that symbolized the sweet eternal love between the bride and groom. The name “mărturie”, in Romanian, suggests that you newlyweds are confessing the love you two share to your family and friends with these gifts. If you’re still looking for the perfect wedding favors, then hopefully the following ideas will inspire you:

#1 Sweet jars

Borcănașe dulci

The jars can be filled with treats that will delight the guests on the spot or later at home such as: chocolate candies, colorful fruit jellies, mini macarons, honey, jam, sherbet. You can choose them according to the theme of the wedding or according to your hobbies and occupations. For example, maybe you are beekeepers or you make homemade jam every year. If you insert a hint of your passions into the favors, they will always remain in the memory and hearts of the guests forever. These types of favors can also be purchased from charitable organizations that donate profits to good causes.

#2 Succulents

Plante suculente

Have you tried to make your wedding as eco-friendly as possible? Then these sustainable favors will be the perfect gift for your guests. Succulents are hardy plants that multiply easily, so they’ll put a smile on your loved ones’ faces long after the event is over.

#3 Favors inspired by hobbies

Mărturii inspirate de hobby-uri

Music is your passion and you throw the coolest karaoke parties? Do you have the most impressive book collection and never let a day go by without reading? Or maybe you are masters in the art of origami? Whatever hobbies make your days more beautiful, your guests will surely be happy to see them reflected in the favors they will receive. Add a personal touch to your little guest gifts by choosing to give personalized bookmarks perfect for book lovers, wedding themed origami wedding favors or even CDs inscribed with your name and wedding date, filled with songs that represent you two.

#4 Personalized accessories

Accesorii personalizate

The season in which the wedding will take place plays an important role in choosing the perfect favors. If the wedding is scheduled for summer, then give your guests personalized accessories to help them feel comfortable even on the hottest day, such as sunglasses inscribed with the wedding date or specially decorated fans for such a special occasion. At an autumn wedding, the most appreciated favors will be those that keep the guests warm, such as pashmina scarves, which will perfectly complement the festive outfits of the guests.

#5 Mix of hot drinks

Mix de băuturi calde

If we presented you with an option for summer, these favors are ideal for a wedding organized in winter. You can fill personalized bottles, pouches or bags with ingredients for hot chocolate, with aromatic coffee beans or with dried herbs from which your loved ones will prepare the most delicious teas. Do you want to really surprise the important people who will be there for you? In addition to the mix of drink ingredients, offer them personalized mugs in which they can enjoy them. Don’t forget to also attach to the mini-gifts little notes with your name and a short and touching message written on them that will warm the hearts of the guests.

# How to offer them

Cum să le oferiți

Favors are generally placed on each table, in the middle of it or in front of each guest, next to the money envelope. But it’s your wedding, so you can be as creative as you want. At an outdoor wedding, you can give your loved ones the favors (for example: sunglasses) right when you welcome them as a „thank you for coming”. If you don’t want to hand them the small gifts, then you can put them on a specially arranged table, from which each guest can take their wedding favors when they want, at the beginning or at the end of the event. At Cernica Events, the table can be placed wherever you want: indoors, in a beautifully decorated garden or even on a Lakefront Deck with a beautiful lake view.

Do you want favors not to be forgotten on a shelf in the library or end up at the bottom of a drawer? Then make sure they tell a story about you and your better half. If the gifts reflect a bit of your unique personalities, they will remind your guests forever of the special day.