Wedding dresses: what are the trends of 2024?

Rochii de mireasă care sunt tendințele anului 2024

A full-on princess or a nonconformist diva, on your wedding day you can be any type of bride you want! It’s your time to shine and surprise everyone with your unique style. And how will you do that? With the help of the wedding dress, of course, which will enhance not only your figure, but also your personality.

The year 2024 comes with a collection of unexpected ideas, designed to turn the wedding season into a true fashion show. Unique floral prints, asymmetrical cuts, mini dresses, colorful gowns or even black dresses…before you visit the wedding fairs, let’s see which are the freshest wedding dress trends:

Rochii de mireasă cu funde și fundițe

# Bow details

Brides that want to incorporate romance into their outfits have the perfect allies next season: bows! Small or voluminous, but always refined and playful, these details add an extra touch of femininity to the dress. Designers haven’t shied away from putting them in all sorts of combinations, so why should you? From shoulders, to the chest and waist, place them in such a way that they will highlight your best features.

# Flower ornaments

Could it be their delicacy or their vibrant colors that make flowers a favorite in decorations, but also in outfits? Placed in one spot or scattered from the shoulders to the train, the 3D flowers made of various materials, which have “bloomed” on the fashion catwalks all over the world, add volume to the wedding dress and create a sophisticated and tender look.

Rochii de mireasă în nuanțe pastelate

# Pastel shades

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something…BLUE! The shades of blue are more and more preferred by brides-to-be and they will steal the show in the upcoming season, taking the place of the pure white we’re used to seeing. Although it seems an atypical choice, this color, which inspires serenity, can add a touch of elegance to the dress and it will make your appearance attract waves of compliments. Brides who see life in pink have the opportunity to include their favorite optimistic color in their dresses this season, giving a touch of softness to the whole outfit.

# Chis statement shoulders

The statement accessories of the ’80s are back in 2024 and especially at shoulder level, which can be highlighted with shoulder pads with precious details. They bring balance to wedding dresses, helping to contour an hourglass figure.

Rochii de mireasă mini

# Mini dresses

When you want to completely break from the classic patterns, short dresses are the solution. Perfect for hot summer days, they give you freedom of movement, but also a bold overall look. To create a unique contrast, designers recommend combining them with some long and avant-garde capes that will add a dramatic touch to your dress.

# Curved neckline

The geometry of the neckline will be in the foreground in the coming season. This type of inverted neckline, curved at the top, is a reinterpretation of the “sweetheart” neckline and will help you get that „different” wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of.

Rochii de mireasă pe umeri

# Off shoulders

In 2024, brides are encouraged to face one of the busiest days of their lives dressed in wedding gowns that are both relaxed and sophisticated. This kind of flowy cut will highlight your delicate shoulders. To bring balance to your outfit, choose an off the shoulder dress with long sleeves and thin straps.

Rochii de mireasă negre

# Black dresses

Yes, you read that right! Black dresses have become increasingly popular among Gen Z brides who have decided to change traditions and walk down the aisle dressed in the most unexpected color. Black is always in fashion, and in 2024 you can wear it with confidence on the most important day of your life, especially if you have chosen a rock theme for your wedding and will ride to the civil ceremony on a motorcycle.

# Bold cuts

The beauty of floor-length dresses is hard to match, but what happens when you add a thigh-high slit? Or one that highlights the back or cleavage? You get a wow effect and a graceful figure. Designers have decided that bold cuts can make a big difference in the dresses chosen by brides in the year 2024 and can be successfully used to highlight the qualities of brides-to-be.

Texturi nonconformiste

# Unconventional textures

The most daring brides-to-be will love this new trend! At its center are slightly transparent dresses decorated with lace patterns, inspired by the boudoir style of the 20s. In such an outfit, you will be a diaphanous and seductive presence, and your body shape will be highlighted as it deserves.

Salopetele sau costumele

# Jumpsuits or suits

Jumpsuits and pantsuits can replace the classic dresses on your wedding day. They have become increasingly popular and are the ideal choice if you want to be able to move freely on the dance floor until sunrise. You don’t have to be afraid that you won’t look like a bride in the true sense of the word. Even if you choose a pantsuit, it can still be decorated with sequins, pearls or tulle and other details that would generally be found on a dress.

In 2024, let your imagination run wild and be bold! Combine unique colors, shapes and fabrics and get the wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of. The new trends are here to encourage you to think outside the box and give the classic dress a “twist” with the help of special details, like feathers, deep cutouts or asymmetrical shapes.

The dress must be to your taste, just like the whole wedding. We hope that our suggestions will make your choice a little easier, and for an event perfect for you and your better half, at Cernica Events we have prepared halls for any type of event you would like, be it a traditional or nonconformist wedding.