Tips & tricks for a fun Halloween party

Tips & tricks pentru petrecerea de Halloween

Tips & tricks for a fun Halloween party

What is Halloween if not the holiday that puts our imaginations to work the most? From decorations inspired from horror movies, scary but delicious food, to fun little games, there are a lot of details to consider so that the children will say “wow” from the moment they set foot in the location. If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t worry because we’ve prepared a list of tricks to help you organize a memorable Halloween party:

# Choose a theme inspired by the Halloween movies

Halloween party - # Choose a theme inspired by the Halloween movies

  • Hotel Transylvania: Here is an animated movie that fits perfectly with your Halloween party. Dracula and his teenage daughter, plus a lot of vampires, monsters, mummies and werewolves will inspire you both in creating costumes and in choosing the design of the candy bar.
  • The Addams Family: The adventures, the mansion and the clothes of this bizarre and extravagant family can be a great source of inspiration for the party preparation. Choose colors such as black, red, blue or gray, but also decorations with spiders and webs, skulls, ravens and balloons with black and white stripes, which imitate the pattern of the shirts worn by Pugsley.
  • Monster, Inc: Who doesn’t love the cute and colorful monsters from this animated cartoon? Surprise the little ones with a variety of costumes, each of which represents a different creature.
  • Halloweentown: If you choose to take inspiration from this classic movie, then the witches will take over the party. Straw bales, scarecrows, pumpkins, brooms and witches’ hats are just a few details that you can easily include in the decor. This theme can be easily recreated even in the Porumbita Hall, full of natural elements or in the specially arranged garden from Cernica Events.

# Buy or create scary costumes

# Buy or create scary costumes

When you decide on a theme, make sure all the kids know about it, so parents can work on costumes ahead of time. If you couldn’t decide on a theme or you simply don’t want to limit guests to a certain type of costume, then everyone can choose their favorite character from movies, books or comic books:

  • Witch or Wizard: Dresses for girls, robes for boys, completed with a pointy hat, a flying broom and a magic orb. The little ones will be delighted! Of course, the costumes can become more specific when you take inspiration from certain movies. For Harry Potter, for example, don’t forget the glasses, the scar and the wand. If you choose The Good Witch of the South, then the costume will be more like that of a princess: with a sparkly dress, crown and wings.
  • Pirate: Ahoy, pirates! Ready for adventure? Little pirate costumes are absolutely adorable. You need a vest, a hat or a head scarf, an eye patch and even a map to a hidden treasure.
  • Cowboy: For a little fan of the western-themed cartoons, prepare a costume with a hat, brown boots, fringed pants and a toy gun.
  • Cute animal: Lions, tigers, monkeys, cats, puppies, the little one can be anything he wants. If you don’t have too much time to create a complex costume, focus on the makeup, so that it is as realistic as possible and it suggests the animal of your child’s choice.

# Make “frighteningly” good snacks

# Make "frighteningly" good snacks

  • “Poisoned” apples: Cover apples in white chocolate mixed with a little black or even green natural food coloring. You’ll get an effect that would make Snow White’s stepmother proud.
  • Mummy hotdogs: Wrap the dough around sausages to look like mummy bandages. Add some little edible eyes on each one of them.
  • Spider cupcakes: Make various muffins or cookies and top them with mini edible chocolate or jelly spiders.
  • Bat Cookies: Around Halloween, the stores are full of cookie cutters perfect for this holiday. Cut the bat-shaped cookies, put them in the oven and expect them to “fly” off the tables quickly.
  • Ghost Bananas: Dip bananas in white chocolate and place them on sticks. Add a pair of eyes and draw their mouths wide open, to look like they are ready to say “BOO!”.
  • Witch Finger Cookies: Shape the cookies into finger shapes and use almonds or hazelnuts instead of fingernails and also use green food coloring if you want them to look straight out of a scary cartoon.

If time does not allow you to make your own snacks, our chefs are ready to delight the little guests with various snacks and menu options. We can also help you surprise the children with a themed candy bar or lemonade bar.

#  Organize “shockingly” fun activities

#  Organize "shockingly" fun activities

  • Pumpkin carving: Choose the biggest and most beautiful pumpkins and let the little ones turn them into funny characters and fierce monsters. Because it is an activity that can get really messy, we recommend that you plan it outdoors. You can choose the Cernica Events garden, which offers you the perfect natural background for mini photo shoots.
  • Halloween drawing contest: Prepare papers, crayons, lots of sweet prizes and invite kids to draw scary Halloween characters. Unique creations will be awarded with medals and chocolates, and all the drawings can be exhibited on a pinboard. The Cernica Events playground can accommodate the entire activity, being equipped with tables and chairs, perfect for the little artists.
  • Mummy race: Running is always part of the activities of the kids, but you can make everything more interesting and complicated by using toilet paper. Wrap the contestants in toilet paper and start the race. The winner will be the one who reaches the finish line without tearing the paper tied around his feet.
  • Musical garlic: Place cloves of garlic on a round table. When the music stops, each contestant must get their hands on a piece of garlic, and whoever is left without will be eliminated. You can think of it as the Halloween version of musical chairs. Let the little ones move slowly with their hands up in front, just like zombies. You can also play theme songs like: “This is Halloween” or “Spooky scary skeletons” in the background.

These are just a few of the hundreds of ways you can turn the Halloween party into an unforgettable one for your little guests. Although it would be good to have everything ready before the event, the schedule of activities does not have to be a fix one. Ask the children if they have any ideas that could make the evening more fun and put them into practice. They might surprise you, and the party will turn out even better than you expected, thanks to them!