Arrangements for the wedding party table – what to choose?

Aranjamentele pentru masa de prezidiu

Are you ready to say “YES!” and dance the night away with all your loved ones? Then it means that you are caught up in the wedding preparations and you don’t want to miss any important detail. One of them is the wedding party table, the centerpiece of the location where the big event will take place. This is where the bride, groom and the godparents are generally seated, at Romanian weddings, but if the table is more spacious, also the parents can sit there as well. There are hundreds of decoration options to choose from, and to make your job easier, we’ve compiled a list of the most creative ideas:

# Fresh arrangements

Aranjamente masa prezidiu (Aranjamente fresh)

If you want to surprise your guests with some atypical elements on the wedding party table, choose citrus fruits: lemons, oranges or limes placed in vases filled with flowers in similar colors. They will bring a touch of freshness and color to the whole decoration and can be very easily combined with candles with fruity aromas, but also with fruit leaves, to get that look of a full table.

# Flowers, flowers, flowers

Aranjamente masa prezidiu (Flori, flori, flori)

Indispensable on the wedding table, they can be easily adapted to the main colors of the wedding and to the general theme. From roses, gerberas, orchids, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, calla, to tropical flowers, you have a lot of options that will help you create the table you’ve always dreamed of. The flowers can be arranged in bouquets, in the form of garlands, wreaths or even on an arch.

 # Rustic elements

Aranjamente masa prezidiu (Elemente rustice)

If you two are fans of rustic elements or you simply want a fall wedding, then the decorations of the wedding party table can include colorful clay pots, personalized trays under each plate, wildflowers or even small vegetables. The table can be surrounded by wooden barrels filled with flowers, by matching lanterns and it can be covered with tablecloths with traditional patterns. Also, the box where the guests will insert the envelopes with the wedding gift can look like a small barn, personalized with your names and a thank you message.

# Seaside souvenirs

Aranjamente masa prezidiu (Suveniruri de la malul mării)

If the wedding theme is linked to the sea, then it’s clear: we’ll have seashells, oversized pearls, starfish and seahorses, and a fishing net or rope with sailing knots can be hung on the front of the table. For an even more realistic effect, choose an aquarium with colorful fish, which you can then keep as a beautiful souvenir from the wedding. And last but not least…who has ever seen a beach without sand? Place it around the table or place it in bowls alongside flowers in the colors of the sea.

# Vintage objects

Aranjamente masa prezidiu (Obiecte vintage)

Place wooden clocks, books from a vintage bookshop, chests and cages full of flowers on the table. Instead of a floor-length tablecloth, you can instead choose a few pieces of lace fabric. The whole arrangement can be completed with decorative vintage photo frames and even with an old radio. Old suitcases in different colors can be placed at the base of the table.

# Romantic ornaments Aranjamente masa prezidiu (Ornamente romantice)

Love is in the air… but if you want it to be on the table as well, then choose red roses. Add hearts, envelopes with love notes and candles to complete the romantic atmosphere.

# „Mr & Mrs”

Aranjamente masa prezidiu (Mr & Mrs)

Go big or go home! Celebrate your ‘newlywed’ status with an oversized, illuminated” Mr & Mrs” sign that will quickly become the perfect background for your first dance. For the ones that love the minimalist style, the sign can be elegant, golden and suspended above the table or hung from the backs of your chairs. Of course, the text can be changed with your nicknames or with other funny ideas that reflect your personalities.

# Handmade decorations

Unique passions or hidden talents… their time to shine has come! Include your creations in the arrangement. From homemade scented candles, to wood carvings and paintings, everything will find its place on the wedding party table and they will show your guests the efforts you made to make everything perfect down to the smallest detail.

# Natural details

Aranjamente masa prezidiu (Inserții naturale)

Mountain lovers can choose decorations with twigs or fir cones, but also with wreaths and garlands with violets and crocus, that can be highlighted by adding lights in the background.

Make sure the arrangements chosen are not too tall and the table is not too crowded with decorations, because the wedding party table is still the one where you will eat the dishes from the restaurant. They can be cooked by our chefs, who have prepared menu options suitable for all tastes.

At Cernica Events, we take care of every detail and we are ready to help you with tips and decorations so that the main table turns out exactly as you imagined. All that’s left to do is to enjoy every moment and the presence of your guests!