What gifts should you give on your wedding anniversary?

Ce cadou sa oferi pentru aniversarea casatoriei?

What gifts should you give on your wedding anniversary?

Is it that time of year when you celebrate the time you have spent with your partner? Then you have to find a special way to thank your better half for being by your side “through thick and thin” and to prove that you will continue to be there for him or her, no matter what happens. If you are looking for the perfect gift, we have prepared some tips to help you choose it:

# Pick the anniversary gift based on the number of years of marriage

  •  1st Anniversary: Paper

1st Anniversary: Paper

The paper symbolizes a fresh start, a blank page, full of opportunities, on which you begin to write your story as you wish. On this anniversary, it is said that a wall clock or wristwatch is the right gift, as a symbol of eternal love and of the precious time spent together, but you can also choose a gift made of paper.

Gifts for her: A spa or massage voucher, a gift voucher for her favorite store, a photo album, a book written by her favorite author, a personalized diary or agenda, a theater or movie ticket. All this can be completed with a message and a bouquet of cryogenic or dried flowers, which will last in time.

Gifts for him: Ticket to a football game, to a gaming tournament or to the premiere of his favorite movie, a voucher for his favorite store, a poster, a book or a series of books.

Of course, you can also buy a gift that you can use together, such as: a wall map on which you can mark your trips around the world, a puzzle with your favorite picture, an album with the photos taken in the first year of marriage or plane tickets for an exotic holiday for two.

  • 5th Anniversary: Wood

5th Anniversary: Wood

Wood is the symbol of stability and it shows that your relationship has evolved harmoniously and it has lasted over time. You two have managed to remain standing in the face of difficulties and challenges that appear in any couple’s life, just as trees stand tall in the face of wind and bad weather. For this anniversary, the ideal gifts are the ones made of wood.

Gifts for her: Handmade wooden jewelry, a personalized jewelry box or display stand, photo frames, a dressing table, a set of pencils, brushes, watercolors and canvas.

Gifts for him: Compass, bottle holder, 3D wooden puzzle, personalized wine box, tie box, a book shape box to store his cigars for special occasions, a chessboard.

If you two love cooking, you can go for gifts inscribed with your names and funny messages to use in the kitchen: chopping board, rolling pin, wooden spoons, knife sheath.

  • 10th Anniversary: Aluminum

10th Anniversary: Aluminum

After all these years, your relationship is associated with aluminum. Although not a precious metal, it is valuable because it does not rust. Aluminum or tin represents the durability of your relationship in the face of obstacles you have encountered. On this anniversary, aluminum or tin gifts are offered to show that after such a long time, you still haven’t forgotten your partner’s passions and preferences.

Gifts for her: a big and personalized box for eyeshadows and other makeup, if she is fond of make-up, items for home decor, if she is interested in interior design, a pen with her name on it, if she is a famous writer in the making or if she signs a lot of important contracts.

Gifts for him: a personalized lighter if he’s a cigar collector, a durable trolley bag if he’s always ready for a trip and he has many dream destinations on his bucket list, a card holder wallet if he’s an organized person.

  • 25th Anniversary: Silver

Wedding anniversary - 25th Anniversary: Silver

Resistant and malleable are two qualities that describe silver, but also your marriage after all this time. You stayed together because you were both able to adapt and to make compromises when needed. On this anniversary, treat your husband or wife to a precious gift.

Gifts for her: silver or white gold jewelry, silver decorative or clothing pieces, candy box.

Gifts for him: silver watch, custom cufflinks, silver car accessories.

It’s also a good time to renew your vows and to buy silver rings. They will be worn next to the wedding rings till “death will do you apart”.

  • 30th Anniversary: Pearl

Wedding anniversary - 30th Anniversary: Pearl

The pearl formation process perfectly reflects how your relationship has evolved. Like them, the bond between you took time to solidify, but all the work and the waiting were worth it because the result is something truly special and rare.

Gifts for her: pearl jewelry, perfume, an off-white photo frame with 30 pictures, a cheval mirror.

Gifts for him: cufflinks with pearls, perfume.

Of course, you can celebrate this special anniversary by traveling to a place you’ve always dreamed of, or you can return to the city where your love story began.

  • 50th Anniversary: Gold

Wedding anniversary - 50th Anniversary: Gold

If you have reached this anniversary all we can say is: Congratulations! The bond between you is enviable and it deserves a special celebration. The most appropriate gifts remain gold jewelry and even gold wedding rings to complete yet another vow renewal ritual.

 # Offer it in a special setting

 # Offer it in a special setting

Let’s say you’ve already picked out the perfect gift and you are looking forward to giving it to your partner. But how do you do it in such a way that he or she is completely amazed? The answer is simple. Organize a party or offer the gift in a special place! The options are endless, but at Cernica Events we make sure that your anniversary will be unforgettable. Bring your significant other to our pontoon at sunset and treat them to a carefully chosen gift and a romantic dinner in an intimate setting. And if you want to have your loved ones with you, invite them to a party at Porumbita Hall, a space with natural details and precious decorations, specially created for memorable events.

In the end, the gift given is just a way to show each other your appreciation for the efforts you both make in the relationship. It’s that “thank you” for the care, dedication, love, patience and support your partner offers you. As long as you keep your significant other’s preferences in mind when choosing the gift, you can’t go wrong. Choose to surprise your loved one on your wedding anniversary, but don’t forget to celebrate the wonderful bond you two have every day.