How to propose to the godparents?

Cum sa-i ceri pe nasii de cununie

How to propose to the godparents?

Spiritual advisors, the family you choose, whatever you call them, godparents play an important role on your wedding day, and after it. In the church, they are witnesses of the union between you two, who are ready to make all your negative emotions disappear and, the rest of the time, they remain those dear people who will always have a good word to say or a precious advice to give. When you’re ready to pop the “big question,” keep in mind that as mundane as it may seem, it will be the one that sets the tone for your beautiful bond. Whether you choose your godparents from among your closest friends or from relatives you admire, here are some ways to make your request truly special and motivate them to say without hesitation” Yes! We want to be your godparents!”:

# Propose them in an original way

Propune-le într-un mod inedit

  • Personalized bottle: Raise a glass in honor of your future adventures together, but not before you draw potential godparents’ attention to the personalized label with the message that you want them by your side and to the special drawing or photo. P.S: Remember that details make the difference! So, find out before the proposal what is the favorite drink of your future godfathers and whether they are impressed by an old and aromatic wine or rather by a smooth whiskey.
  • Inscribed wine box: Don’t want the drink itself to be the center of attention? Then put the big question, a heartfelt message and the wedding date on a wooden wine box that will turn into a unique piece of decor that will remind them of the special moment of the proposal.
  • Cake: Who can say no to such a sweet proposal? Even planning a wedding seems easier when you do it with a slice of cake in front of you. To make the whole experience more interactive, ask the pastry chef to put under the question written on the cake two answer options, with two checkable boxes, and then offer the godparents-to-be fruits or cake decorations with which they can give their answer, on the spot.


  • Puzzle: Godparents are the pieces that will perfectly complete your family picture. The puzzle, which will gradually reveal the surprise question, will send this message loud and clear to the couple you’ve chosen.
  • Custom T-shirts: You and your godparents are about to become a powerful team. And what would a team be without matching t-shirts to represent it? Write the question on a large box which, once opened, will reveal four personalized t-shirts with your future titles written simply and elegantly or alongside other fun names to match your unique personalities.


# Ask them in a special location

Tradition says that the future bride and groom must go to the home of their godparents to propose. But, like other wedding customs that can be reinterpreted (trimitere articol Ce tradiții se păstrează și care se reinterpretează la o nuntă modernă), this one can also be adapted to your liking. You can surprise them by taking them:

Cere-i într-o locație specială

  • To their favorite restaurant: Do your potential godparents love Mexican food or a warm bowl of ramen next to a plate of sushi? The important question you will ask them and the responsibilities that come with it will be easier to “digest” if you meet in the place that serves their favorite dishes. Write the question on a note and ask the waiter to bring it instead of the check.
  • In a location with a view: An impressive view will help your potential godparents to relax and be more open to the idea of marrying you. Choose a sky bar where you can watch the city lights together with a cocktail in hand, a terrace overlooking the sea or even the pontoon at Cernica Events, where you can enjoy dishes prepared in-house by our skilled chefs, while you look at the stunning Lake Cernica.
  • On vacation: Are you very close to your godparents and you have been planning a getaway together for some time? Then stop putting it off and use it to your advantage. After days of bonding your friendship even tighter, your proposal will be hard to refuse. Otherwise, you’re left with tons of great memories and shareable photos anyway.


# Thank them with a gift from the heart

Did they accept? Congratulations! Mission accomplished! It’s time to show them your gratitude with a symbolic yet practical gift they’ll remember forever. In the past, in Romania, this was called a “plocon” and consisted of a bottle of wine, a poultry or a sack of wheat. But times have changed and so have the types of gifts you can give:

Mulțumește-le cu un cadou din suflet

  • Picnic basket: For nature lovers who do not like to spend too much time at home when the weather starts to warm up, a chic basket equipped with matching plates, cutlery and napkins will be the ideal accessory to help them create new wonderful memories outdoors.

Album foto

  • Photo album: Present it as a future “photo journal” that can’t wait to be filled with pictures of the experiences you will go through together as a family. At the beginning of the album, place your favorite photo of the four of you.

O cutie cu bunătăți

  • A box of goodies: Do you have a lot of gift ideas in mind that just don’t seem to connect? Place a little of each in a beautifully arranged box and tied with an oversized bow. Candies or jars of honey, sophisticated mini drinks, flowers, personalized coasters… All these small symbolic gifts will show the future godparents how happy you are to have them by your side on the way to the altar.
  • Household appliances: The moral and financial support of your godparents will help you considerably in organizing the perfect wedding. You can also make their lives a little easier with some gifts for the home such as: a coffee machine or a robot vacuum cleaner.

In all the choices you make, consider the preferences, personalities, and even the age of the people you’ve chosen. All of these key details will guide you to the best way to ask them to be your godparents, but also to thank them for all their support.