The baby’s first birthday party: what does it symbolize and how do we organize it?

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The baby’s first birthday party: what does it symbolize and how do we organize it?

Is your little one turning one soon? It means that a year has passed since your life made a 180 degree turn and got filled with new challenges, laughter, hugs and lots of love. It’s a special moment and throwing a birthday party is the perfect way to celebrate it properly. There are a lot of details to decide before baby blows out his first birthday candles, so we’ve put together a list of tips & tricks to help you:

# Keep traditions in mind

The little one’s first birthday has three main special moments: cutting the lock of hair, breaking the bread and choosing the objects from the tray. Of course, all these symbolic customs differ from region to region. In some places, the cutting of the lock of hair is done only for boys, and the breaking of the bread only for girls. The customs will be chosen by you, along with the godparents.

The baby’s first birthday party - Cutting the lock of hair

  • Cutting the lock of hair: It symbolizes the “removal of fears”. After cutting the lock of hair, it is said that the little one will be braver and he or she will face any obstacle of life with ease. This strand of hair will be glued to a penny, along with a red ribbon, using a drop of wax from the christening candle (trimitere catre articolul cu lumanarile de botez) and kept in a little box. In some areas, the penny is buried at the root of a tree or in a field of wheat, being considered a bringer of wealth and luck.

Breaking the bread

  • Breaking the bread: This delicious moment is considered to bring good luck to the little one being celebrated. After the godfather symbolically passes the child through the bread, he will break the sweet dough bread into four equal pieces and share it with the guests. The guests must eat the piece of bread by the end of the party for good luck.
  • Preparing the tray: “What job will he have? What will his life look like when he grows up? Will he be lucky in love?”. These are all questions that every parent asks at some point. It is said that the moment of choosing the objects on the tray is meant to answer all these questions. Put less familiar objects on the tray so that the child is not tempted to choose the ones he has used before, and try not to put too many objects on the tray with. Although there is no official list of items that should go on the tray, parents generally add:
    • car keys: which mean passion for cars, for driving or that the little one will become a skillful driver;
    • stethoscope / syringe: denotes an inclination towards the field of medicine, pharmacy and the desire to help people;
    • mirror: indicates high self-esteem, care for the way one looks or dresses;
    • money / wallet: shows an inclination towards business, financial achievement and financial independence;
    • pen / book: denotes an inclination towards writing or professions such as writer, journalist, teacher;
    • wedding ring: means luck in love;
    • screwdriver: denotes passion for technical jobs and for repairing or construction;
    • jewelry: means that the little one will have a luxurious life;
    • passport: passion for traveling or a job that involves a lot of travel such as sailor, pilot, flight attendant and so on;
    • tape measure / cotton reel: means an inclination towards tailoring and clothing design;
    • calculator: denotes passion for mathematics and professions such as accountant, economist;
    • painting brush / watercolors: means that the little one will be and art lover, with a talent for painting or drawing;
    • mini musical instruments: denotes passion for music, musical talent.

# Set the date

Set the date

You can hold the party on your child’s birthday or you can choose a suitable date for all the people you want to celebrate with. In some areas of the country, there are superstitions that say that the birthday party should not be held during the fasting period and that the chosen day should be a sunny one for the little one to have a bright future. If you want the whole event to take place at a restaurant, don’t forget to make your reservation in advance to have as many options of days available as possible.

# Choose a special location

Depending on the number of guests, you can choose to hold the party at home or at a restaurant. If you are organizing the birthday at home, where the little one created his first memories, then decorate it with balloons and prepare or order small snacks for the guests. For a party at a restaurant, choose a place that is easily accessible for your guests. Cernica Events is located just 11 km away from the center of Bucharest and offers you the Ambiance Hall, semi-open, with access to the outdoor garden and pontoon and with a capacity of 50-70 seats. An alternative to a closed salon is the Arcadia Hall, with décor inspired from the 60s and a capacity of 50-80 seats.

# Invite all your loved ones

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Relatives, close friends and the grandparents of the little one can’t wait to spend time with you and spoil the birthday boy or girl with attention, wishes and kisses. Make a list of those you want with you and give them themed invitations. For those guests who are close to your heart but far in distance, you can prepare digital and perhaps even interactive invitations that allow them to confirm their presence at the special event on the spot.

Remember that the smallest and most important guest must feel good and be well-rested before the party. Thus, he will be more willing to take part in every tradition and “greet” his guests with laughter and good cheer.